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Extend your iPhone app to work with the Apple Watch

If you already have an app available for iOS in the iTunes Store - whether it’s for the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - you should think about extending it to work with the Apple Watch.

Apple have sold 2.8 million units of the Watch since it was launched in April 2015. With a wealth of compatible watch bands now hitting the market, along with software updates like the recently released WatchOS 2 and future models rumoured to be in the pipeline, the sales of Apple Watch are only going to grow further over the coming months and years.

Users get information from your app quickly just by glancing at their Apple Watch.

We can extend your existing iOS app onto the Apple Watch so it can be used straight from a user’s wrist - without having to get their iPhone or iPad out of your pocket or bag.

The Apple Watch has a much smaller screen, so some work needs doing to make your app usable on the watchface. This might include reducing the size of the interface to fewer elements, as well as spreading them across multiple screens to make them easier to use.

The Watch should be used to deliver the most relevant information to your users in a straightforward way. This ensures distractions are kept to a minimal while communicating the most essential notifications quickly and efficiently.

Your app employ two different methods of letting a user know when something’s happened, for example when they’ve received a message, or need to log into a game to continue playing.

  • Glances provide a notice to a user that something’s happened - this could be anything from a message being received in your app to a news story suggestion.
  • Actionable Notifications are alerts that include buttons to take action without having to look at their phone. A good example is an app that allows you to respond to invitations received from other users - having an “accept invite” button appear on your wrist is much easier than needing to get your device out of your bag!

Apple Watch apps extend existing iPhone apps by enabling the Watch to communicate with them directly. When a user installs your app on their iPhone, they’re prompted to install the app on their Watch too. The Watch depends on the iPhone to do more complex tasks, such as communicate with internet based services, or perform calculations - this preserves the battery life of the Watch.

You need to have an iPhone app to release an app for the Apple Watch. Whether you’ve already got an iPhone app and want to extend it to work on the Watch, or you’d like to create a new app that’s compatible with the Watch, we can create bespoke apps that will work great on both devices. Please contact us and discuss your requirements in detail.

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