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Update your iPhone/iPad app for iOS 9

Apple recently announced iOS 9, the latest version of the operating system used by iPhone and iPad.

The iOS 9 update is available to download from today, and users will already have started downloading the update to their devices.

There are some great new features being introduced in the update. Here are just a few:

News & Maps

A new app has been added to the home screen, which aggregates news stories from various sources. Public transport information for a selected number of cities has been added to the existing Maps app.


Changes to the Notes app in iOS 9 include the ability to add check lists, photos and maps, as well as sketch drawings using your finger. Changes to Notes will also be synced across devices using iCloud.

iCloud Drive

This new app provides access to files stored on iCloud, with file search and management without having to log in to the iCloud site.

Android Migration

A new 'Move to iOS' app will provide easy migration options for users of Android phones and sync things like contacts, messages and photos to your new iOS device.

Update your app for iOS 9

If you already have an iOS app, you should think about making changes to it to take advantage of the new features available in iOS 9.


For example, the multitasking feature detailed above allows your app to be usable at the same time as other apps. Depending on the nature of your app, it might be useful to offer this functionality to users, and allow them to achieve more by always having access to your app while they do other things on their device.

The way multitasking is implemented depends on the devices your app supports, and how you want it to behave when users open another app at the same time. For example, video conferencing apps may display a small preview of the call in the corner of the screen, while a news feed or social app might use more of the screen space to display its interface.

3D Touch

This new feature, which will be available on new devices such as the recently announced iPad Pro and iPhone 6S, introduces a pressure sensitive touch screen. Your app can respond to users touching the screen harder or softer. There are many ways your app might respond to such a gesture. For example, touching certain screen elements harder might display a context menu, or additional options that were previously accessed using another tap.

By making small changes to your existing app, you can add support for these gestures that are available in iOS devices from now on, making them easier and more fun to use.


Make it easy for users to find content in your app by exposing it to the built-in iOS search functionality. When users swipe right on their homescreen they can search the device, but in iOS 9, they can search your app too! Your content can be indexed and available to find using the operating system's native search feature. This could really boost engagement if your app has lots of content available - make it easy for users to find by integrating with iOS search.

Get in touch with us to talk about updating your existing iOS apps to take advantage of the new features available in iOS 9.

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