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What's new in iOS 10?

The new version of iOS includes API features that will allow you to enhance existing apps by taking advantage of powerful and engaging functionality not available previously to app developers. Here we talk about some of these features and how you can use them in real world scenarios to create iPhone/iPad apps that people will love to use, or update your existing apps on the iTunes app store.

Richer Notifications

In iOS 10, push notifications can include rich media content like photos, videos and audio. You can also include real-time updates in push notifications. Seeing social interaction as it happens, position updates on maps - anything is possible. Create interactive notifications for your app to give your users something extra.


The messaging application in iOS is used by millions to stay in touch, now your app can take full advantage of this. By creating an app extension for iMessage your app can allow users to interact directly with your app from the iOS messaging application. Users can complete actions in your app, such as making a payment or sharing something, or take content from your app to share in messages, right from the conversation with their friend.

The possibilities here are limitless, and allow you to create even richer and seemless experiences for your app's users.


Perhaps the most exciting new feature in iOS 10 is the ability for app developers to access Siri for the first time. This opens a whole new world of possibilities as it makes users able to interact with your app through Siri using their voice.

Everything is faster with voice interaction, so enabling this functionality in your app will let your users know you're serious about enabling them to get things done faster - whether it's sharing content, checking or updating their status, they can get it done more quickly with Siri's help.


If your app supports VOiP to make or receive voice calls, you can now integrate the experience with the built in iOS Phone app. Calls appear in the call history, Recent or Favorite tabs. Familiar things like call waiting and muting a call will also "just work". This really is a no brainer when it comes to any app that makes or receives any kind of VOiP call to provide the most seamless experience for your users.


Making your app work inside the iOS Maps application is now possible, and would apply if your app does absolutely anything with a user's location. Ride booking, restaurant reviews, checking in, social location sharing - everything can benefit from a direct integration. What makes this new functionality even better, is that the Maps app will recommend your app to a user if they're near a location that's got something to do with your app and they don't have it installed - a great way to attract new downloads.

All of these integration options introducted in iOS 10 are just more great ways to get people to use your app even more often once they have it installed, ultimately helping to increase user sessions and improve retention.

Get in touch with us to find out how best to implement any of these new feaetures in your existing app, or to talk to us about creating a new app that makes the most of iOS to provide the best possible experience for your users.

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