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Why 2017 is the year to make your iOS app secure

On January 1st Apple made a feature called "App Transport Security" mandatory for all new app submissions, including updates to existing apps.

This feature requires the use of TLS (SSL) for any HTTP requests made by your app. So if your app requests a remote service that's not currently available over HTTPS, you'll need to change that if you want to update your app. If you're thinking of creating a new app that needs to talk to something else on the internet, you need to make sure it's going to be through a secure connection that uses HTTPS to avoid questions from Apple and delays in getting your app submitted to the App Store.

Apple introduced App Transport Security in iOS 9 but it could be easily switched off by developers to allow insecure HTTP communication. Starting this year if you disable the feature your app is flagged for manual review by Apple and you need to justify why your app is making insecure network requests

If your app uses a web view to display content from web pages it's possible to circumvent the new requirements by specifying URLs that should be allowed without HTTPS or switching the feature off entirely. However, modifying your application in this way will again flag it to go through the manual app review process with Apple and you'll need to provide a "reasonable justification" to get your app approved for release.

The easiest way to comply with the changes is to make sure your app only talks to remote services over a secure HTTPS connection. We can help you work out whether your app might be affected by these recent changes. We can also help you out if you need to make changes to your app - just get in touch with us.

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