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Why we use Windows Azure

Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft that allows us to provide reliable, affordable and flexible hosting solutions for our customers. There are many great reasons to use Windows Azure to host your website or application, we thought we'd give you a summary of why we chose the leading cloud platform to help us deliver the best possible service.

Rock Solid Reliability

Windows Azure is distributed across the world in multiple data centres,  each with a dedicated team who constantly monitor the environment and hardware to ensure maximum uptime and automatic failover and redundancy. If the machine your application is running on becomes unresponsive, Azure creates a new virtual machine somewhere else in the data centre and seamlessly routes traffic to it.

The Windows Azure Service Level Agreement (SLA) promises us 99.95% uptime.

  • Your application will always be available.
  • The operating system running on our servers is patched and updated automatically.
  • Traffic is load balanced automatically to ensure maximum performance.
  • We can deploy updates to your application without any downtime.

Unlimited, Scalable, Fast, Efficient

We can provision new servers and databases within minutes, and we can create as many as we need to give your application the ability to thrive.  Windows Azure allows us to scale these resources up or down whenever we need to, so when your website gets busier, there are more servers ready to handle the extra load. Data centres located around the world mean your application can be close to wherever your users are.

The best part is, we only pay for what we use, so we can pass on the savings to our customers.


Windows Azure allows us to use any number of different development tools and frameworks to create exactly what you need. Our customers' requirements are our primary focus, and being able to choose how we solve their problems is a key reason to choose Windows Azure.

The Windows Azure environment can be controlled using a secure and reliable Application Programming Interface (API), so we retain control of every element of your solution.

We're Cloud Experts

We've got years of experience getting the best out of Windows Azure, contact us now to find out how we can create and host your solution -anything is possible.

If you want to learn more about what Windows Azure allows us to provide our customers, you can download a PDF that details all the main features and services.

Find out more about Windows Azure at the official site.

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