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Managed Cloud Hosting with Azure

Cloud hosting provides a huge array of fast, reliable and scalable services for a fraction of the cost of statically provisioned resources.

Our Managed Cloud Hosting service allows you to sit back and relax knowing that we're take care of your deployed applications, constantly monitoring them for problems, configuring services such as autoscaling and backup, as well as making any changes required by the cloud service provider on your behalf.

We use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform - it's fast, powerful, reliable and cost effective. We have several years of experience deploying and managing applications on Azure. You can take advantage of our experience with our Managed Cloud Hosting package.

How does it work?

We work with you to review the requirements of your application along with any dependent resources, such as databases and third party applications. We'll get a good understanding of each component, how they're joined together and how they're used by end users. This process helps us to deploy, configure and monitor your solution later on.

We determine the best configuration of the Azure platform to maximise performance and availability while minimising cost. This part of the process involves working out what Azure services you'd benefit from the most. For example, which of the global data centre(s) to use, how many machine instances and what type are most appropriate, plus many other factors determined by the makeup of your product or service.

We deploy and configure your solution in the cloud, test it thoroughly and execute any data migration that's required.

We continually monitor the cloud production environment. This involves creating custom rules that alert us to problems with your applications. We take action where necessary to avoid problems with the hosting environment.

We will take action if required to do so by the cloud platform provider. Every now and then, as with all cloud providers, Microsoft may make changes that require users to read documentation, understand the effects of any service changes or improvements, and modify their deployments to take advantage of the changes.


Here are just some of the many benefits of hosting your application in the Azure cloud:

  • SLA: 99.95% availability and 99.9% connectivity (API), 99.99% SQL Server availability.
  • Automatic machine patching and backup.
  • Staging, rollback and autoscaling.
  • Automatic SQL database failover, load balancing and rolling backup with point in time restore.

Some benefits of Azure managed through us:

  • Configuration and deployment of the environment and solution.
  • Constant health monitoring with intervention if required. Monitored metrics can include CPU, error rate, space usage and more.
  • Fast and pro-active response to changes in the Azure service that require action.
  • Support for any hosting related issues.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and how best to deploy your applications, whether new or legacy, to the cloud.

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