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Mobile App Development (iPhone & Android)

We develop mobile applications for all the major platforms including iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android. We always recommend that an app be available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets for maximum initial distribution and downloads. Support for other platforms can be added later if required.

Creating an app can give you an edge over the competition, in some industries customers and end users will consider it a requirement that your company or product has a app available.

We use proven technology that enables us to quickly create polished and effective apps for all the mobile platforms you want to cover, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. We can also use technologies such as PhoneGap that allow us to offer multi-platform discounts to allow users of all types of devices to download and use your app. Contact us for more information about mobile apps and we can talk through your options.

We can make your app do anything you want. It can just contain static content that a user can navigate, or load content from a remote server or API (either provided by you or a solution created and/or hosted by us). Your app can take advantage of a device's powerful features to create a rich user experience, such as the camera, geo-location services, accelerometer, notifications, compass and NFC.

Sometimes you need to get a message out to your users quickly. Your app can support push notifications, which will allow you to send messages to everyone who has your app installed within minutes.

If you have any more questions about mobile app development, please get in touch.

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Apps for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

This is the operating system used by Apple's mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We can create universal apps that work great with both phones and tablets, which allows you to reach as many users as possible. iOS has a major share of the mobile devices market - over 23%* worldwide. The iTunes app store brought in double the revenue compared to Google Play in 2015, so is especially enticing for paid apps or those offering in-app purchases.

The iOS operating system is updated regularly by Apple. The latest version includes many enhancements and interface improvements over the previous version. Apple devices commonly have a high adoption rate for new versions of the operating system. Each new major version of this platform introduces a variety of great features, so even if you already have an app for iPhone and iPad, its worth checking if you can take advantage of any of the latest functionality. As new devices are released, it's important to check if you need to make changes to your app to provide the best support for everyone who downloads it - contact us for more information.

iOS offers a stable and reliable platform to create your app with, and you can be sure to reach a high number of end users given its market share and the type of user who has an iOS device. We have the latest Apple hardware to use for developing, testing and deploying your app, so you can be sure it'll impress your customers right from the day it's launched.

Find out more about how we make iOS apps for iPhone and iPad or contact us to talk about your requirements.

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Apps for Android

Created by Google and launched in 2009, Android is installed on over 1.4 billion activated devices worldwide and used by major global device manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Sony. Android accounts for over 70%* of the UK smartphone market share, so it certainly can't be ignored when it comes to mobile apps.

Each version of Android since 1.5 "Cupcake" is named after a dessert item. The latest major version is 6 "Marshmallow", which was announced in May 2015 and includes a huge array of new features and improvements. Amongst the many changes are a completely redesigned user interface, an enhanced notifications experience and better performance.

Android already has over 2 million apps in the "Google Play" app store, so why not add yours? Device manufacturers make tablets that run Android and your app can be made to work with both Android phones and tablets, so no matter what device a user has, they can have a great experience using your app.

Apps using PhoneGap/Cordova

Apache Cordova (also known as PhoneGap) is a framework that enables rapid development of cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more. This reduces development costs because code can be reused across multiple platforms. Read more about our Cordova development services.

* Market share figures apply to May 2016 (source)

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