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PhoneGap/Cordova App Development

We have extensive experience creating mobile apps for iOS and Android using PhoneGap/Apache Cordova. This app framework allows us to use well established web development technologies to create powerful multi-platform apps with rich native features like in-app purchasing, geolocation, camera support and push notifications.

PhoneGap/Cordova apps have a single codebase created using Javascript, HTML and CSS. Native plugins can be added for features that interact with the device. For example, to allow an app to access the device’s camera or picture gallery and retrieve an image, a camera plugin can be added that allows the shared code to start up the device’s camera or gallery app, regardless of the platform the app is running on.

We’ve created several apps that use Cordova for both Android and iOS. You can download them from the iTunes Store or Google Play. PhoneGap/Cordova can also be used to create apps for other platforms, such as Windows Phone, Blackberry and Amazon Fire OS.

We can draw on our previous experience of creating Cordova apps and deliver a performant, reliable and user-friendly app. The features available to PhoneGap apps are the same as those available to native apps. Sometimes the way they’re implemented is slightly different, but it allows you to produce apps with powerful functionality that’s compatible across multiple platforms.


Some History

PhoneGap was originally created in 2009 and the company that made it was purchased by Adobe in 2011. Adobe created the open-source Apache Cordova project using the PhoneGap code, which continues to be developed and offered by Adobe as PhoneGap. PhoneGap or Cordova can be downloaded and installed by anyone who wants to make a powerful cross-platform app, usually more quickly than having to create separate apps.

Apps created using cross-platform frameworks such as PhoneGap are usually called hybrid apps, because they use part native, part shared code. You can read more about the difference between hybrid and native apps on our blog.


Our Services

  • Design, build, test and deploy a PhoneGap/Cordova app.
  • Make changes to an existing PhoneGap/Cordova app to add extra features or fix bugs.
  • Provide advice and consultancy services on how to build and release your mobile apps, including whether to use a hybrid or native approach.

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