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Web and Online Development

We can help you take advantage of all the web has to offer, making it the forefront of your business strategy and meeting all your requirements.

We don't just do websites - the web is a really versatile environment and can help solve problems and improve processes in a number of ways. Whether it’s a web service, email system, CMS or your own bespoke idea, we’d love to help you out with it. There are no limits to what we can create - just talk to us about your great idea or the problem you need solving.

We really want you to be happy with your solution when it’s finished and ready to launch. We’ll spend time going through your exact requirements to make sure we don’t miss anything out and we’ll keep you updated while it’s being developed.

Our services don't have to end when your project is completed. We offer a range of hosting solutions to fit any requirements - from home business to enterprise.

Content Management Systems

A content management system allows you to log in to your website’s control panel and change the content or add more whenever you like. Your new content is published to your website immediately, you don’t have to wait for it to be uploaded by us - this means you’re in complete control and you can manage your site independently and with much more flexibility. Create new pages, upload new images and more, whenever you want.

We have extensive experience in setting up and customizing content management systems. If you want bespoke functionality we can make custom modules and install them on your website - anything from a blog to an online store.

Read more about our content management system (CMS) development services.

Retail - e-Commerce and Payment Processing

Whether it’s providing a more engaging experience for your online customers, or improving your internal processes such as pricing, promotions, advertising or logistics - we can help. We’ve got a wealth of experience that means we can create bespoke solutions for anything from in-store POS software to complex online storefronts with features like gift and loyalty card schemes.

With a vast knowledge of online payment processing and web store systems we can help you create your online store, or update your existing one if you need to add some great new features. It’s critical that systems to handle customers’ money such as e-commerce solutions are secure and function to specification.

Fast, Reliable Cloud Hosting

We host all our web based systems in the cloud for many reasons, but the main one is to ensure the best possible service for our customers at all times.

Websites shouldn’t go down, so we select reliable and trusted partners to ensure your website's reliability surpasses all expectations. Our cloud hosted systems have external connectivity guaranteed for 99.95% of the time, which is hard to beat - especially with dedicated servers and an on-premise infrastructure.

Fast, reliable, scalable, cost effective - just some of the many benefits of cloud hosting.

Automated failover and redundancy are built into the cloud platform, making it easy to switch to a working environment if the primary one fails. We can apply updates to your application while it’s running, with load balancers automatically routing traffic away from systems that are being updated until they’re back online.

Let us take your solution to The Cloud for ultimate performance and reliability. Read why we use Windows Azure on our blog.

Legacy Systems

Not only do systems need creating to bring great ideas to life or solve new business problems, sometimes legacy systems need replacing or upgrading. We can help with that. We have experience of dealing with complex, well established legacy systems and can help you decide when it’s better to replace them with newer more versatile solutions that can be built upon for years to come, strengthen them to ensure they're ready for new demands, or integrate new systems alongside them and ensure they communicate with each other to realise maximum efficiency.

We can work to ensure a smooth migration of existing data, along with training and support for staff to help them during the changeover. Not only that, but we can provide ongoing help and upgrades when new functionality is required.

Your Problems Solved

We pride ourselves in our versatility, and our ability to apply industry standard techniques to create bespoke solutions - either from scratch or using well established open source technologies. We make your problems our own and we’d love to work with you to improve your business processes, making them run more smoothly and efficiently.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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