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Windows App Development

Windows 10 includes the Windows App Store, with over 167,000 apps* that look great on hundreds of different PCs, laptops and tablet devices. We create Windows apps for the Windows App Store - they’re easy for users to install and you can reach millions of users with your app.

We can create a Windows app that offers users a great experience whether they’re using Windows on a tablet, a laptop or a PC. We can make sure your app uses all the functionality available in this exciting new operating system.

Windows 8 Start Screen


New apps for Windows are being released every week and yours could be one of them. Over 80% of online PC users have Windows as their operating system, and millions of them have already upgraded to Windows 8. Over 100 million Windows 8 licences were sold worldwide during the six months after it was released and over 210 million PCs worldwide now run Windows 8 as their operating system**.

Windows 10 has been released and it's a free upgrade for Windows 8 users in the first year. Windows 10 introduced some great new features to the operating system that can be taken advantage of when creating apps for Windows. The future release of Windows Phone 10 will make it easier to share app functionality between Windows and Windows Phone.

Every user of Windows 8 or Windows 10 will have access to the Windows App Store and can easily install and use your app. This is an amazing opportunity to reach a huge number of people with your products or services, providing you an exciting new channel to promote your business and serve your customers.

Enterprise Windows Apps

Windows is a powerful operating system for enterprise use. If your company uses Windows devices, whether they're PCs, laptops or tablets, we can create a bespoke app that helps you make business easier.

If you're creating an enterprise app, you won't want to release your app in the Windows App Store. If your app is specifically aimed at your company’s employees you can create an app for your company and deploy it to your employees’ devices directly using Microsoft System Center or a PowerShell script.

We can create your app and help you through the process of deploying it across your entire organization or team. You can read more about how we do this at the Windows Developer site.

Not just apps for the Windows App Store

We don’t only make apps for Windows 8 and 10. If your business uses Windows XP or Windows 7, we can make powerful, reliable desktop applications that suit your needs.

Contact us for more information about app development or a quote.

* Available app total correct at September 2014
** Source: TekRevue.com

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